Nordic purity, freshness and good life. Celebrating great taste and a healthy, modern lifestyle.

Here in Finnish Lapland, the northernmost part of Europe, the Arctic nature, in all its richness, is present everywhere. Healthy and nutritious wild berries and herbs are our foundation and source of inspiration.

Our products come with a distinctive taste, that has been carefully put together by using gluten-free ingredients and minimising the use of anything artificial.

Some would say they are wild. We say that they are Wilder.

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Our snack bars are Wilder.

Do we actually have to say more?

The Arctic Taste Maker

I have always believed that a true taste experience comes from carefully selected ingredients. Over the years, I have worked as a chef in many fine restaurants and was able to use the best locally-sourced, pure, Arctic ingredients.

I developed Arctic Superfoods so that the awesome, nutritious Northern flavours could be available for everyone. I want to offer better snacks that will fill you with strength and make you feel invincible.

Jari Kurtti, Flavour Master

“After moving to Lapland, it struck me again just how amazingly fortunate we are to live so close to all the pure superfoods our Northern nature has to offer.”

Arctic Strength

We work with some of the purest ingredients from Finland’s Arctic forests. That’s why our products are born with a distinctive taste.

The extreme conditions affect the taste of the natural produce growing around us in the forests right next to the fell highlands and hilltops.

To survive the long and cold winter and to be able to grow under the Midnight Sun during our short summer requires a lot, and that’s why the berries and herbs found in our products without a doubt can be called local superfood.

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